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The Street Was Mine looks at the "tough guy" in hardboiled fiction and film noir. Die a Little attempts to explore the same terrain in fictional form, combining hardboiled and noir themes and styles (gritty urban atmospheres, crime, femme fatales, double crosses, betrayal, guilt) with the concerns of another popular 1940s-50s genre—the domestic melodrama—which concerns itself with "women's issues" of duty, sacrifice, passion, love and shame. Below is a collection of relevant resources in all of these areas. The Song Is You in turn takes on the lore and lure of Hollywood drawing heavily on film noir and Hollywood history, both official and unofficial--the stuff of both movie magazines and Hollywood Babylon. Queenpin is meant to call to mind the hardboiled novels of the 30s through '50s, offering a female twist on the classic underworld story of a legendary grifter and a young protégée. Tough guys are tough gals.

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